Snow Removal Reminders

Official Policy
Because the contracts between the Town of Waterboro and its snow-plowing contractors require that roads be cleared of snow to the outside edges of the shoulders of the road, it is vitally important that all plowed rights of way within the Town remain clear of obstruction.

It is therefore the obligation of all owners and occupants of property within the Town to assure that no mailboxes, paper boxes, signs or similar structures obstruct plowed rights of way.  Any such structures within a right of way exist there at the risk of the owner.  Neither the Town nor the snow plow contractors are responsible for damage cause to the structure by the plow.

Please be advised that placing snow/slush on a public way is a violation of Maine law.
Under title 29-a section 2396-4 you can be fined $153.00 for plowing snow across a public way.

Under title 17-a section 505 you can be criminally charged for obstructing a public way after you have been warned by a law enforcement officer for this violation.

I would encourage residents to find other means of snow removal from their property other than plowing it across public ways.

David A. Chauvette
York County Sheriffs Office

Residents of town plowed roads must keep their vehicles off the townways during the snow plowing months.  Our plows need the space to effectively plow the roads.  Any damage done to vehicles will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner, not the town or the snow plowing contractor.  If the vehicle is parked in or beside a roadway, the town has the right to have such vehicles towed away at the owners expense and we will utilize this right whenever necessary.