Erosion and Sediment Control Procedures

It will be the responsibility of the contractor and landowner to implement these measures for controlling erosion and sedimentation from the individuals lot during the period of construction. Upon completion of construction, it will be the responsibility of the landowner or contractor to return the remainder of the disturbed area on the lot to a stabilized condition.
1. Only those areas actually needed for construction of houses, driveways additions, subsurface waste disposal systems, or roads are to be disturbed.
2. No trees shall be cut except those necessary for construction of above facilities.
3. Organic material removed shall be disposed of in an approved area (ie., stumps, roots, woody debris.
4. Topsoil removed from excavated areas will be used in final landscaping of disturbed areas.
5. If it is necessary to stock pile the topsoil over the winter or for a period of time greater than 4 months, the topsoil must be protected by the use of an anchored-down straw mulch or seeded with a winter rye to stabilize the pile, also a barrier should be installed around the pile to prevent erosion away from that site.
6. Sediment control devices should be in place before clearing or construction starts.
7. Any exposed areas will be reseeded and stabilized within 4 months after work starts. Areas to be seeded should have a minimum of 4 inches of loam, and then should be seeded, limed and fertilized. Hay or mulch should be spread to prevent wash out.
8. All permanent vegetation seeding should be done prior to September 15. If it is not possible to meet this date (due to construction timing) fertilization and a temporary seed cover must be provided to protect the exposed areas during late fall, winter and the following spring. Temporary cover will consist of winter rye seeded at the rate of 3 pounds per 1000 square feet. Permanent vegetation should be planted no later than the following spring.
9. Hay bale barriers or silt fencing shall be installed around project area, where needed, to prevent erosion off site on to abutting properties or any water body (see attached examples for design criteria).
1. All soil erosion and sediment control measures shall be installed as shown on the plot plan. It is the intent of this plan that soil erosion measures are the first to be installed and the last to be removed. Surface waters on and adjacent to the site and abutting properties are to be protected from degradation and sedimentation. If other watercourses, streams, drainage-ways or abutting properties are jeopardized by construction, it shall be the owners or contractors responsibility to protect those waters and properties.
2. Soil erosion measures shall be inspected weekly and after significant storm events. Make all necessary repairs to facilities as soon as possible. Silt fences and hay bale barriers which accumulate sediment and debris shall be cleaned and re-set.