Veteran's Exemption

A property owner may be eligible for a reduction in the valuation of their property if they:

  • Own a residence in Waterboro on April 1 of the tax year in question
  • Are a veteran who was honorably discharged
  • Served during a recognized war period in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Are over 62 or are an unremarried widow of a qualifying veteran
If the veteran is under 62 but is 100% disabled due to a service-connected disability, he/she might likewise qualify. In any case the veteran must fill out a form and provide proof of service and discharge, such as a copy of their DD214 form.

For veterans who served during World War II or later, the exemption is $5000. For veterans serving prior, the exemption is $7000. Paraplegic veterans may receive an exemption of $50,000 for a specially-adapted housing unit. These figures are adjusted annually by the Town's certified ratio.

Application forms are availble by selecting the following links or by contacting the Waterboro Assessing Office. Forms must be in the Assessing Office by April 1, 2008in order to qualify for an exemption for the 2007-2008 tax year.

Veteran's Application Form

Veteran's Widow/Widower Exemption Form