Homestead Exemption

The 1998 Legislature enacted a law giving homeowners property tax relief beginning in the spring of 1998. Under this law, homeowners are eligible for reduction up to $10,000 in their permanent residence's property valuation multipled by the assessment ratio.

This law continues in effect for the coming tax year. Those who applied for and received this exemption in the current tax year and are still residence owners in Waterboro will receive it again this year. They DO NOT need to reapply for it. It will be applied to qualified owner's property taxes until they sell, move, or the Legislature rescinds the program.

New applicants must:
  • have owned their permanent legal residence in Maine for the twelve months prior to April 1, 2011
  • have their permanent legal residence on April 1, 2011 in Waterboro.
  • fill out and return the Homestead Exemption Application to the Assessor's Office at by April 1, 2011 to qualify for the exemption.

If a residence owner did not receive this exemption last year, they may apply for the coming year by obtaining an application by selecting the link below or by contacting the Assessor's Office.

Click on the following link for an application in Adobe PDF format:

Homestead Exemption Application