Shirley Bartlett
Shirley Bartlett Assessor

Tammy Bellman
Assessor's Administrative Assistant

24 Townhouse Road
East Waterboro, ME 04030

Assessors Hours:
Tues thru Fri: 9am - 5pm
Phone: (207) 247-6166, Ext. 111 Assessor
Phone: (207) 247-6166, Ext. 121 Secretary
FAX: (207) 247-5456 or 247-3013


Business Personal Property Help

Per Maine State Law, personal property owned by businesses is taxed at the same rate as real estate. Please file a declaration with our office listing all items located in Waterboro on April 1st each year. Emailed declarations are greatly appreciated!

You know your business better than we do, so your filing ensures a more fair taxation of your property. When declaring low cost items, feel free to combine similar property under a lump sum (e.g. hand tools, $500).